LocalUp Provides Your Notary Business More Neighborhood Customers And Cutting-Edge Business Automation Tools

Instantaneous Scheduling Free Forever – 100% Commission-Free Services Marketplace – Powerful Marketing Toolkit – All In One App


Execute Growth Strategies Without Getting Bogged Down In The Day-To-Day

Being a notary is not easy. There are so many things you have to keep up with, like: scheduling and rescheduling customers, confirming appointments and promoting yourself. Unfortunately, none of those things are what you actually get PAID to do – notarize documents!

What you need most is an inexhaustible assistant who handles those things for you AUTOMATICALLY. That’s exactly what LocalUp can do for you.

And it comes with an entire “marketing department in an app” – allowing you to deploy state of the art promotions and marketing in just seconds!

Take A Step Past Your Competitors With More Local Exposure And More Revenues!

LocalUp Gives You A Powerful FREE Smartphone Scheduling App
Plus An Entire Marketing Platform Built To Fillup Your Calendar 100% Commission-Free


LocalUp gives you an avenue to meet your entire neighborhood without going door to door! Smartphones are the ultimate connecting device and LocalUp lets you stay present and top of mind


Scheduling is no longer a headache with the powerful scheduling features of LocalUp. It is 100% integrated with your calendar to avoid conflicts!


The LocalUp Direct Chatbox lets your customers chat with you anytime day or night inside the Localup App. Of course, when the salon is closed their options are a little bit different. But they can still reschedule, ask questions, and leave feedback


Normally, smartphone software like this costs tens of thousands and is only available to the biggest companies. Now you can be one of the only notary publics to have your schedule available for booking on your own app!


LocalUp Marketplace

Get ready because this is your portal to your local neighborhood where you make your first impression. Enjoy increased local exposure with your own dedicated store page and services catalog.

PLUS 100% commission-free promotional services to draw in new neighborhood customers.


Calendar & Appointment Booking

With full sync to your calendar and specific staff-member scheduling,

you’ll never have conflicts or confusion again, and you won’t be

relying on the landline for the majority of your appointments.


Mobile Point Of Sale

If you’ve ever done mobile spa treatments or beauty consultations

away from the office and you’re not 100% sure how to charge people,

the LocalUp POS/Invoicing system is your solution. Even for your

permanent store location, you can generate invoices and

take payment directly in the app!



Monitor the entire lifetime journey of your clients

their contact info, business history, and in-app

message log. Automate engagement and retention

with the customer loyalty-minded LocalUp CRM.


Marketing Platform

Marketing truly made easy. All from your smartphone, you can keep a

blog post staff biographies, promote your business and your services

and it hooks up  to every kind of communication: SMS, email, and social media.


Reporting & Dashboard

This is your portable business command station. From your dashboard

you can see your current earnings up to the current completed appointments

you can see your future projected earnings, and a lot more. Generate reports

and have a better overall sense of your business’s KPIs.

Easy Integrations with your website and Social Media accounts

Even if You are technically challenged, you can still easily CUT-COPY-PASTE our 2 strings of code into your website or social media accounts and Voila, your Services Menu & List of Booking Buttons start showing up for your Customers to book DIRECTLY from your Website and your Social Posts!

We will make it even better!

Send us an email at care@localup.com and our techies will do this job for you, for FREE!!

Just Do thank us, that is what makes our day!

Localup is your cheerleader, so anything we can do to INSPIRE YOU!


James F.
Localup Biz App makes my work alot easier. Now, I do not have to worry about consistent bookings nor managing time slots. I can breath easy!

Ann H.
I really like Localup Biz App!  Makes work easier to manage!


Localup is a services marketplace

Localup is all about supporting Local Businesses! With our Biz app, you can very easily list any of your professional services for sales online and manage incoming bookings and revenues. Also Localup CRM helps you build long term relationships with local clients.

Make it Super Easy for your Customers to be buy from You! Its that simple.

When your customers can instantly book your services, on their own time, after hours or on their own leisure, we have seen an average uptick of 20%+ in sales.

Our customers are right here, in the neighborhoods where we work, live and play. Localup Services App connects Local customers with businesses likes yours, near their geo-location.

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