1. How much control will I have on my appointment slots? Can I assign myself some free time?

Yes. The scheduling feature will allow you to mark time on your calendars available or unavailable to book. You can leave some free time between two consecutive services to get yourself ready for the next customer. In short, your time is completely customizable by yourself and you will have full control of the booking hours.

2. Is it necessary for me to specify the time service will take?

Yes, the time you assign for service will allow for scheduling on your and the customer’s calendar. It will be the average time it usually takes you to complete the service. A disclaimer can be added to advise that the actual time may vary depending on certain factors.

3. Will the booking be automatically confirmed if someone selects my service or will I be able to review and make necessary adjustments?

It totally depends on your preference. By default, our system is automated and bookings are automatically confirmed. You can easily change it though by going to settings and switching off “auto confirm”. This will allow you to manually confirm each booking and give you the opportunity to adjust the time or call a customer to verify any details prior to confirming.

4. Can I connect with my clients through the Localup App?

Yes, you will be able to send emails, push notifications and SMS to your clients through the CRM. If you tap on the phone number, you will be able to call through the phone dialer.

Yes, absolutely since the employees would be working in different shifts you can always define their timeline.

5. How many services can I add? Can I add customized names for services?

You can add unlimited services. You don’t have to add all services at the time of making your profile. You can easily add new services/categories later too. Some suggested names are already present in the system for you to select from and there is an “other” option which you can use to define your own name for a service such as “Adam’s Cut”.

6. Can I add sub-users in my account if I have more than one employee?

Yes, multiple users/employees can be added into the business account.

7. Would I be able to divide the working hours between my employees?

Yes, absolutely since the employees would be working in different shifts you can always define their timeline.

8. Can my employees edit the appointments or manage calendar?

Yes, the sub users/employees on your account will be able to edit appointments and manage calendar.

8. Can I add multiple categories in one business account?

Yes, you can.If you select two categories your business will be shown in both categories when someone runs a search.