FAQ Consumer Section

1. What Operating Systems does the LocalUp App supports? I am using an iPhone can I use the app?

You can use the localup app on android and iPhone app. Windows doesn’t support LocalUp app. If you have a local up please use a browser to use our services through the website.

2. Does Localup sends booking reminders?

Booking reminders will be sent 24 hours before your visit in the form of a text message and a push notification from app.

3. Can I reschedule my appointment if I have an emergency and couldn’t make it?

Yes, off course you can just go to your booking on the calendar and find a possible time and you can change or cancel your appointment easily. Your service provider will be notified of the changes you made in the booking.

4. How can I find services around my area?

Once login you will be landed to the page where you can see the map location and service providers around your location. There is a search bar saying “Keyword” You can enter what kind of service you are looking for there and it will automatically search it for you.

5.Can I select more than one Service for my booking?

Yes, off course you can, once you select a service a certain window will open telling you the details. There you will be able to see the other services that service provider is offering and you can select one or multiple service and it will give you a combined bill of all your services.

6. Where will I provide the Date and Time of my arrival?

On the page where you will select the services being offered from a certain service provider scrolling down there will be a tab to select the date and time for your booking and also there you can enter your own information. Once you book your service a message will be sent to the service provider for your booking and service provider will be ready for you once you come in.

7. Where can I see all my bookings?

On top right of the screen you will see your username, once you press there you will some options in a scroll down. You can select bookings there to see your booked appointments.

8. How can I manage my appointments at one place?

Either you can go to bookings to see all your appointments or you can go to schedule to see the current calendar where you can see each day and whether a day has any of your bookings you can manage all easily.