Overrule Your Competition With More Local Customers And Administrative Task Automation


Appointment Scheduling App Totally FREE And Connected To A 100% Commission-Free Marketplace For Local Promotions


Get tons of local eyes on your service packages directly through this innovative smart-phone app.


Your clients will now be able to book an appointment in your calendar themselves from their phone with full calendar-sync.


Use LocalUp to reach customers directly with a local marketing system that’ll give you more exposure than competitors.


You get enterprise-level technology and resources for FREE. The LocalUp app makes it easy for clients to do business with you.



Monitor the entire lifetime journey of your clients

their contact info, business history, and in-app

message log. Automate engagement and retention

with the customer loyalty-minded LocalUp CRM.

A Bonafide Digital Assistant And Marketing Team Rolled Up Into One

As an attorney, your responsibilities in court are difficult enough without having to deal with your clients trying to get a hold of you every 15 minutes. Rescheduling, payment processing, and taking calls “off the clock”. You need help cutting down on these administrative tasks, and LocalUp is just the right answer! Your legal secretary takes care of most of your office paperwork while the LocalUp app automates digital admin tasks from your pocket.

In addition to automatic schedule management (with calendar integrations), in-app payments, and the convenient chatbox – LocalUp also includes a full-fledged marketing arsenal that helps you make sure you’re always top of mind.


James F.
Localup Biz App makes my work alot easier. Now, I do not have to worry about consistent bookings nor managing time slots. I can breath easy!

Ann H.
I really like Localup Biz App!  Makes work easier to manage!

Localup is a services marketplace platform with apps for consumers as well as local businesses.

A local business lists their services and price list on Localup.com and/or through the Localup Biz app. Consumers find these listings and book the services through Localup.com and/or Localup app which is available on the Apple Appstore and also on Google’s Playstore

You can find success with your services by making it super easy to book your services online or on smart phones. Please always describe your services clearly on the Localup with fixed pricing where it applies.

Localup customers live, play and work in the same communities where these businesses exist and Localup is a specialized platform for all local businesses


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